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The employee time clock on the card reader with liquid crystal

The employee time clock on the card reader with liquid crystal, and is not a product of advanced identification. With LCD will have two good, a credit card can show the card number, and other information, also can show the card the time. But entrance guard system is a long time for the use of durable goods, but LCD is not durable, everyone know, liquid crystal is a service life, the more fragile, can not stand a long time of exposure wet electrostatic and environment. Liquid crystal damage also cause card reader circuit damage, making the card reader failure, credit card can't get.The so-called "art line of business has specialize in", do entrance guard system a good company, not necessarily consumption well done, parking lot also do well. By the same token, consumption machine a good company, not necessarily entrance guard also do well. What do the, often what is done bad. Card industry in China is still in the primary stage of development, there is no large mature enterprise, can put all the projects are doing the best. Some companies, see "a soft flux + card" development prospect, the partial products do, some products through carries on the introduction of OEM brand, claimed that all do. This model has certain truth.

If your time and attendance systems is not complicated, simply buy entrance guard software can, because the general access software are attached the simple and practical attendance function (normal flight). If your attendance requirements are complex, for example, factory attendance, involved in a number of divisions across the night shift three shifts, suggest you alone to check on work attendance equipment company buy roll machine. Some attendance equipment manufacturer, in attendance upon a relay, he claimed that can have access function. The author thinks that are incorrect. Because the entrance guard system and check on work attendance system functional requirements, product inspection standards is not the same.

The time and attendance systems focused on the stability of the products and safety convenience. Check on work attendance system focused on the powerful function of check on work attendance, the stability and anti-jamming request is not high, because if roll machine system halted or appear messy code you easily breakdown reset. And entrance guard system requires system work long hours, don't crash. If people are shut, it is can't breakdown reset, frequent blackouts reset would also give you use increase a lot of trouble. In addition, roll machine will control circuit integration in the roll machine inside, and roll machine is external outside, it is easy to through the sub method, illegal open doors, security existence hidden trouble.

In addition, networking type time and attendance systems also basic attendance function, can save buy attendance card puncher money, and attendance record is fair and objective, statistical speed science fast. So, if your company due to the cost consideration, only need a simple access function without personalized access management function, and put the door of access number not much, and do not need to check on work attendance function, security requirement is not high, suitable for selection of entrance guard system independent model. If you want to use a real sense of entrance guard system, please choose networking type entrance guard system. And, networking type entrance guard system has good expansionary, could start on a few door, feel to use, again flash.

Por Irene7999 - March 7th, 2013, 14:02, Category: General
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